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Meet the USF Team


Dr. Marilyn Stern

Principal Investigator

Dr. Marilyn Stern received her PhD from the University of Buffalo and then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Rowell Park Cancer Institute in clinical health psychology. Dr. Stern’s primary professional focus in pediatric psychosocial oncology has been in adolescents with cancer, communication, and transition to survivorship; developing interventions to reduce childhood and adolescent obesity, and vulnerable child syndrome.


Dr. Heewon Gray


Dr. Heewon Gray received her PhD in behavioral nutrition from Columbia University in 2009. She currently works at the College of Public Health, University of South Florida. Heewon does research in Quantitative Social Research, Public Health and Nutrition and Dietetics. Her specialization includes childhood obesity prevention, community nutrition education, and nutrition in children with autism. 


Flandra Ismajli

Project Coordinator

Flandra Ismajli received a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of South Florida. She helps with projects in family preservation, juvenile justice, and other community initiatives

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